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Trestle Creek Hard Cider


Tasting Notes:
Bright green apple aromas, crisp & flavorful with pleasant carbonation

Made with 100% New York State Apples from Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva, NY

Apple Varieties:

Sweet – Empire, Cortland, Crispin
Tart – Ida Red, Northern Spy


The apples are picked and pressed at Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva.  Upon arrival to Glenora, the juice is clarified to retain fruit flavor and then yeast is added.  The juice ferments until it reaches 5% alcohol and is then chilled to stop fermentation.  From there, the hard cider is filtered and put into a specialized tank that can hold pressure, which is needed for the addition of CO2. CO2 is added via a special carbonation “stone,” which diffuses the CO2 into very tiny bubbles. This process takes about 3 days. From there, the hard cider is bottled with a special filler that retains the CO2, then labeled. The entire process from pressing to bottle takes 3-4 weeks.

Trestle Creek Hard Cider
Trestle Creek Hard Cider

Crisp & refreshing with bright aromas of green apple. Made with 100% New York State apples.

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