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Chocolate & Wine Experience

Featuring Dimitri's Confectionary Treats Chocolate Truffles & Glenora wines

Take your visit and tasting to the next level with chocolate and wine! We’ve selected wines that pair perfectly with Dimitri's rich and creamy chocolate truffles. Whether you’re a chocolate lover or are just looking for a unique food and wine pairing, we’re sure you’ll find our Chocolate & Wine Experience deliciously worth it! Chocolate & Wine is available by advance reservation only - call 800-243-5513 to schedule your tasting.


White Chocolate Champagne
Paired with Non-Vintage Brut -or- Raspberry Spumante

Milk Chocolate Caramel
Paired with Sauvignon Blanc -or- Audacious Apple

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut

Paired with Gewurztraminer -or- Siegerrebe

Milk Chocolate
Paired with Cabernet Sauvignon -or- Cranberry Chablis

Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Paired with Cabernet Franc -or- Raspberry Rosé

$18 Per Person


Minimum of 2 people per experience. Only paid participants over 21 years of age may attend the tasting. 
Please make other arrangements for your pet during the Chocolate & Wine Experience.

Call 800.243.5513 to book today! 

Chocolate & Wine Experience at Glenora Wine Cellars