Glenora Wine Cellars - Inn - Transportation & Rideshare
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Transportation Options

Looking to explore the area during your stay, but don't feel like driving? Even in a more rural area like ours, you've got options! While Uber and Lyft are available, it can sometimes be a bit of a bear to find a ride. No need to panic - here's a list of great alternatives to ride sharing services!

Grapevine Country Tours: 1-800-536-8123

Fitzgerald Brothers: 1-315-828-6289

Keuka Taxi: 1-315-870-0591

Main Street Driver: 1-888-327-4460   **this service provides a driver to transport you in your own car**

FLX Best Wine Tours: 1-607-441-9463

Having trouble finding a rideshare? Contact these drivers directly!

Uber: Doreen, 1-607-228-7049

Lyft: Susan Conklin, 1-616-443-1651